If you even seen any of these lights, then you know it's time for you to maintain your vehicle.  If you always wait until these lights go on, then you could be potentially harming your vehicle.  These simple maintenance checks can be done when you are filling up at the gas station.

Low Fuel Warning Light:  Time to fill it up with gas. Some people may say that you still have another 30 miles to drive before you run out of gas, but why take those changes, especially in the winter.  The last thing you want is to be stuck out in the cold with no gas.  We recommend that you fill up your Subaru before that light goes on, to prevent any issues that may be caused by low fuel.

Windshield Washer Low Fluid Warning Light: You are going to be out of washer fluid soon, time to fill it up.  Again, you don't want to be without washer fluid because this could interfere with visibility and cause you to get into an accident.  Always make sure this is more than half full, especially in the winter, to clean off all the melted snow and salt that gets thrown at your windshield from the cars in front of you.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Light: When this light comes on, that means one of your tires has low pressure.  This could happen by a puncture or leak in one of your tires, or a drop in temperature outside.  Since we are go longer between regular maintenance, this should be checked every month.  Set a reminder in your phone for the first of the month or when you make your car payment.  You can pick up a monitor at many retailers or online for a reasonable price.

Low Oil Level Warning Light: This light will go on when your oil level is low and oil should be added as soon as possible.  This light is yellow, but don't confuse it with the red Low Oil Pressure Warning Light.  You can bring it into to Gary Lang Subaru's Service Department or add oil your self if you don't have an opportunity to schedule a service appointment this week.  Check you engine oil when you get a chance after this light comes on.

Low Oil Pressure Warning Light: You must take immediate action when this red light comes on.  Stop the vehicle, wait until it cools down, and check the oil level.  Add oil if it is low, and turn your vehicle back on to see if the light turns off.  If it doesn't, call the Service Department right away.  There may be damage caused to your vehicle if you continue to drive with this light on. 

Always keep a bottle or two of oil in your truck just in case anything happens while on the road and you may be miles from a gas station or Subaru dealership.  These lights are not meant to be service reminders.  You should always monitor these features to prevent these lights from turning on.  Checking your vehicle's fluid levels will maximize its life and performance and help to avoid issues in the future that you were not expecting.
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