Subaru is Funding Research for Pet Safety in Vehicles

My dog goes crazy when I say, "Do you want to go for a car ride?", but I never really thought about a seat belt for my 75 pound yellow Lab.  She just hops in the back seat and sticks her head out the window, watching everything pass by.  I can't help but look back at her in the mirror and think how cute and happy she looks, but what would happen if I did get into an accident with her in the car.

Subaru is taking the next step in safety and is now performing crash tests for dogs.  Funding is being provided by Subaru to perform these tests to improve car safety for our pets using research that involves dog shaped crash test dummies in various sizes.  As of right now there are no safety regulations on vehicles for animal safety.  Subaru does not plan to make any adjustments to its vehicles for pet safety but it is looking into safer pet products for traveling with your doggy.  

Here is some of the research found:  
"The first round of Subaru-funded tests, released this spring, found that while many popular dog harnesses succeed in keeping dogs from distracting the driver, they will break when stretched with the force of a crash. Videos of earlier tests show that when a harness breaks, a dog can be propelled headfirst like a missile toward the front seat. Such simulations might even understate the risk to pets, because only 16 percent of dog owners restrain the dog in the car, according to a 2011 survey by AAA."    

Dogs are always welcome at Gary Lang Auto but before you bring them in, make sure he or she is properly secured in your vehicle. 

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